Rules and Regulations

We are happy to have you as our guests and here are the rules of procedure.

The Regulation is established to ensure everyone an orderly, serene and peaceful use of the property. The rules that must be observed are not only those that are mandated by law, but also those that are dictated by common sense and mutual respect.

We encourage guests to read our internal rules before booking.

Arrival (Check-in): Unless otherwise agreed, guests must make arrangements before arriving at the Guesthouse, which is open from 3 PM to 8:30 PM. We remind you that as it is not a hotel, there is no reception service available at any times, so going to the Guesthouse without warning may result in long waiting times, so this should not be a reason for complaints or claims for refunds. Check-in outside of regular business hours is not guaranteed unless it has been previously agreed upon by phone or email.

Departure (Check-out): please leave the rooms by 10AM, unless previously agreed upon, to allow for cleaning. If you have a room with keys, you must leave them inside the room (in order to avoid disagreements, it is recommended to report any breakage and/or loss of the keys).

Keys / access codes:All of our accommodations are equipped with self-check-in codes, which will be sent via email or WhatsApp the day of arrival. Some rooms have a normal access key, which can be found in the key locker.

Maintenance and cleaning: the cleaning of the room and the bathroom, including change of sheets and towels, is normally done after each stay, if the duration is less than 5 days. For longer stays is carried out once a week during the morning, in agreement with the Guest. please remember to leave the room at the agreed times, otherwise we will not be able to proceed with the tidying up. We don’t offer a laundry service.  

Reservations and Payments:  you are required to pay for the entire duration of your stay on arrival. Any extras will be played at checkout. We accept payment with debit card, credit card, Satispay, PayPal or cash. No credit and we don’t accept cheques.

Necessary documents: the guest must provide, by national disposition, a valid document suitable to certify the identity (Passport or Identity Card) otherwise your stay will be denied, because it constitutes a violation of the Rules of the Penal Code (art.109 P.S. laws as amended by art.7 point 2 of the L.203/95). Our guest’s personal information is processed in accordance with the current legislation on Privacy (675/96 and Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003).

Minimum age for renting a room is 18: minors not accompanied by their parents or by a responsible adult must show a photocopy of an identity document of their parents with a signed permission form.

Reception: the reception point on arrival is at the facility that you booked unless otherwise agreed. The position and directions on how to get to the building are present on the website or if requested can be provided directions directly by email/ WhatsApp, after confirmation of the reservation.

Pets: pets are not allowed for hygienic reasons and for possible allergies of other customers.

Occupancy: each accommodation can be occupied only by the number of persons indicated for that specific housing unit and, for reasons of Public Safety, guests are not allowed within the premises (the accommodation and common areas) at any time.

Smoking: smoking, using drugs, lighting fires or using any kind of stove is forbidden inside the building and inside every rooms. This is to protect those who do not smoke or for those who will come after you, as well as a standard for fire prevention. 

Access: access to the property is free at any time, but between the hours of 22:00-08.00 and between 14:00-16:00, please have respect for those around you and keep the noise level down. All guests are also required to behave like polite and civilized people, avoiding disturbance and harassment towards people or things within the property; please do not disturb anyone outside the front door or in the stairwell. It is forbidden to organize parties and/or events. 

Rules of behavior in community for the R&B La Pomposa dei Motori: in a collective residence which is the R&B, the behavior of the single guest must be of respect towards other guests and towards the staff. It is the observance of those fundamental norms of tolerance, respect and collaboration that guarantees normal coexistence. The guests are required to keep common areas tidy and clean. Especially when using the common kitchen, it is necessary to wash and tidy each time you decide to cook or use the coffee machine.

Theft and Loss: please also, whenever you leave the rooms, lock the door and check that the windows are closed, to avoid any theft of valuables from the room. The Guesthouse is not responsible for the loss of objects and/or valuables of guests. If a customer causes damage to the structure, its equipment or any objects in use due to negligence he/she will be charged the amount necessary for repairs, replacement and/or cleaning. For proven theft of our property, we will proceed according to Law. 

Bathrooms and Rooms: a proper and civil use of the toilets is recommended to avoid throwing anything in the toilet, remember that there are bins inside the room and the bathroom. It is also recommended to turn off the lights and air conditioners whenever you leave the room. The blocking of the toilet discharge pipes, caused by improper use of the toilet, entails the immediate charge of €250,00.

Special Cases: the property manager has the right, in the absence of the guest and in special circumstances, to enter the apartment to avoid the occurrence of possible damage or danger. The manager is required to inform the guest of his entrance to the apartment.

Responsibility of the Structure: the property manager is not responsible for the lack of comfort of guests who at the time of booking did not mention special needs (allergies, mobility difficulties, etc.).

To decide to stay at Our Structures means to accept in full also the present Regulation. 

We thank you for choosing our facilities and wish you a peaceful and pleasant stay. We are at your complete disposal for every need, in order to make your stay as pleasant as possible.